Our story


From Zumba to Gymnastic Strength Training (GST) we have all aspects of your physical health covered. As the only Gymnastic Bodies affiliate in Europe at present, we are very proud to be amongst the first globally, offering this groundbreaking and revolutionary exercise approach of structured, progressive GST classes right here in Stroud.


Our workshops provide a great opportunity to explore other health related topics such as nutrition, massage and rehabilitation. They also provide us the prefect opportunity to explore material from our classes in more detail, allowing you an opportunity to really develop your skills and understanding of technique. Look out also for guest Instructors and speakers!


Hands on therapies are an invaluable ingredient for the recipe of health and we strongly believe in and promote a philosophy that prevention is better than cure. Diagnosis and treatments available with Osteopathy for all manner of issues and sublime massages whether it is for sports recovery or relaxation.
Since setting up our first practice as ‘The Village Osteopaths’ in 2008, we have grown into a unique local health service provider helping hundreds of individuals. With services encompassing specialised exercise classes like Gymnastic Strength Training, Stretch & Core and Zumba as well as Bespoke Personal Training and Massage. Healthy individuals ourselves, we are passionate about sharing the benefits excellent health provides.