GST Workshop - London 26th March 2017

Join us for 3 hours of GST as we return to Jerwood Space, close to Southwark Tube Station and both Waterloo and London Bridge Rail Stations.

We will focus on Mobility & Handstands after a thorough warm up and core blast!

London Workshop

3 Hours
  • Mobility, Core Blast & Handstands
  • With Wesley Tan & the Forma Team
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Gymnastic Bodies 2 day workshop / 8th - 9th July 2016

Founder of Gymnastic Bodies, Coach Christopher Sommer, will return to Stroud again this summer as we play host to a weekend seminar of Gymnastic Strength Training. We are very proud to be the only European destination on their World Tour this year, which includes Singapore, Australia & USA. The worldwide GB Seminars are designed expressly for Crossfitters, Gymnasts, MMA, Olympic Lifters, Rock Climbers, Parkour, Free Running, Yoga and Fitness Enthusiasts to learn gymnastics strength training in a safe, professional, hands-on environment. Anyone who is committed to increasing their bodyweight strength mastery, mobility and quality of movement should make attending a definite priority.

GB Workshop

2 day2
  • 2 day GST seminar with Coach Christopher Sommer. Foundation 1 & Handstand 1 on-line courses included.
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