Berlin Workshop - Saturday 25th April 2pm - 6pm | Abadá-Capoeira-Schule-Berlin

Train with Forma Head Coach Wesley Tan
Train with Forma Head Coach Wesley Tan in Berlin!
Abadá-Capoeira-Schule-Berlin e.V.
Urbanstrasse 93
HH, 3.OG
10967 Berlin
Workshop Content :
Mobility and flexibility are so important for longevity and to progress with more advanced bodyweight skills. Discover some of our favourite exercises and our dynamic-active approach to flexibility and notice improvements immediately.
Handstand practice with lots of exercises including; wrist and shoulder preparation, handstand entry, balance drills, playing with shapes in handstand and more!
Cost £60
Wesley is a practicing Osteopath with over 13 years experience, and also  holds a first degree black belt in NaN Shaolin Wu Zu Quan, which have both helped his coaching in gymnastic fitness tremendously. 

If you would like to progress with your training and would like to learn some effective and new techniques and drills then this workshop is for you! It is not aimed at complete beginners to fitness but to those who already have some form of fitness practice like yoga, cross-fit, calisthenics, dance, pilates, gymnastics etc.

What to bring with you:

Exercise clothing (t-shirts, vests, sports bra, leggings, shorts etc)
Towel if you are someone who sweats a lot when working out

Please contact us directly for any more questions or queries you may have about the workshop.

Handstand Workshop - Saturday 15th June 1 - 4pm

With the London School of Hand Balance

Join us at FORMA for a 3 hour Workshop with the London School of Hand Balance.


This is a brilliant opportunity to learn and train under the watchful eye of one of the best handstand Coaches in the UK, normally based only in London. Spaces are limited to 20 so book your space now!


This workshop is not for complete beginners but rather those who already have an established handstand practice.